Jerry Gregoire, former CIO of Dell Computer, once said, “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”  At OneSupport our mission is to transform every customer transaction into an experience that will improve their perception and satisfaction.  Our Customer Care Specialists are able to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, ticket entry, pre-sales and qualifying, multilingual support and more!




Our agents are able to provide billing and payment support for your customers across any platform or CRM software your business uses.



OneSupport Customer Care Specialists are trained in customer retention strategies to reduce attrition and improve retention with a focus on white glove care.



Our Customer Care desk is able to improve the customer experience by upselling speed packages, AV/FW security packages, premium support services and more.



WHITE PAPER: White Glove Customer Care

As telecommunications providers continue to develop strategies to remain competitive in a mature market thought and energy must be directed toward protecting customer relationships, particularly in the case of high-value customers. In addition to offering blazing fast speeds, video, and a variety of value-added services, successful companies will emphasize white glove care and support. These customers confidently expect shorter resolution times and sincere care. If their needs are not met there are no shortage of competitors are waiting to lure them away. 

The proliferation of premium service packages serves as evidence of these customers expectations, yet the service provider must maintain margins on these accounts. In order to efficiently and consistently deliver the quality of service required to retain these customers, a sincere and ongoing effort must be made to resolve these customers issues as they come up. The support organization looking to build or improve on White Glove services must take a look at overall organization goals and the recruiting and training mechanisms used to deliver on those goals. See more →


CASE STUDY: Internet Help Desk Performance Improvement

Client Challenge
This client experienced record growth in High-Speed Internet connection sign-ups with a 31% annual increase in subscriptions leading the US in growth.  In order to effectively support this rapid growth, there would be significant investment in capital expenditure and labor costs.  The cost concerns related to adding a large permanent labor force were challenging for this client because locating and retaining a large internal support workforce was difficult to predict and prohibitively expensive.  Scaling Internet help desk operations to meet the support requirements of this growth proved to be a daunting task for this client.

Initially, the Client’s operation was supporting all data products for both business and residential customers. As a result of this explosive growth, this client was unable to keep pace with the increased call volume that new subscribers were generating. This challenge was reflected in high abandon rates of 20%, and with calls being answered with an average speed of answer of 7.5 minutes. The lack of customer access to the support team was an impediment to sustained growth in the competitive HSI market for the client.  See our solution →

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