OneSupport has over 25 years of experience in providing a high-level, white-labeled technical support help desk to businesses across many industries.  We have a proven track record of supporting computer manufacturers, internet service providers, wearable technology manufacturers, wireless telecom corporations, gigabit fiber providers and more.

Learn to transform your experience for today’s enterprise and tomorrow’s customer. We help our clients support their customers through various channels to provide an unforgettable customer experience and reach out to as many customers as possible.

We utilize email/ticket entry, live chat/messenger, inbound/outbound phone calls, SMS (text), video chat, mobile application support, and social media to ensure that every customer receives nothing but the best support.





OneSupport is a 100% U.S. based, 24/7/365 contact center.  No matter the issue, no matter the time of day, your customers are able to get the help they need.  Multi-lingual technical support agents for Spanish, French, German and more are available.



Our agents are specially trained in identifying upselling opportunities.  Whether the customer needs a speed upgrade, antivirus software, or premium tech support for third-party hardware or software, OneSupport agents have a record of identifying, communicating, and closing these opportunities.



Our Tech Support agents have the ability to provide support over a wide array of platforms.  Traditional phone support, chat support, email support, video conference, and remote access tools are just a few of the ways we are able to communicate with the customer to resolve their issue.



CASE STUDY: Dispatch Reduction Strategies For High-Speed Broadband Service Providers

One of the biggest challenges faced by communication and entertainment service providers today is balancing the number of contact center interactions that result in a “truck roll” or dispatch to the field. These costly repair visits can result in customer frustration if the appointment is rescheduled, if the resolution is something simple that a call center representative could have fixed, or if the issue remains unresolved. On the other hand, subscribers have become accustomed to having a field technician out to their home or place of business when their service is interrupted. But is it truly necessary to roll a truck when your help desk is unable to resolve a connectivity issue?  
OneSupport, formerly teleNetwork,  has created a new paradigm and formula for success in the call center. While designed to face many challenges, a key focus area in dispatch reduction deserves particular focus. The purpose of this case study is to explore how teleNetwork helped one of its partners develop a highly focused dispatch reduction strategy that has led to significant cost savings while preserving the customer experience.  See more →


CASE STUDY: Internet Help Desk Performance Improvement

Client Challenge
This client experienced record growth in High-Speed Internet connection sign-ups with a 31% annual increase in subscriptions leading the US in growth.  In order to effectively support this rapid growth, there would be significant investment in capital expenditure and labor costs.  The cost concerns related to adding a large permanent labor force were challenging for this client because locating and retaining a large internal support workforce was difficult to predict and prohibitively expensive.  Scaling Internet help desk operations to meet the support requirements of this growth proved to be a daunting task for this client.  
Initially, the Client’s operation was supporting all data products for both business and residential customers. As a result of this explosive growth, this client was unable to keep pace with the increased call volume that new subscribers were generating. This challenge was reflected in high abandon rates of 20%, and with calls being answered with an average speed of answer of 7.5 minutes. The lack of customer access to the support team was an impediment to sustained growth in the competitive HSI market for the client.  See our solution →

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