OneSupport is a leading US outsourcing company with over 20 years of experience. OneSupport IT provides support and repair of existing business technology, assistance with the installation of new hardware and software, and live antivirus and cyber-crime monitoring. In addition, OneSupport IT also provides consultation of new technology and cloud-based servers.

The unique service offered by OneSupport IT provides businesses with virtual cross-platform, US based, technical support. This model takes the place of an in-house IT department. By replacing in-house IT, virtual IT dramatically cuts costs incurred from the training and staffing of technology professionals. Virtual IT provides around the clock technical support, which minimizes downtime experienced when an IT failure occurs after hours. This model also includes cloud-based server support which cuts costs incurred through the acquisition and housing of server hardware, maintenance, and data security thereby improving overall business profit.

When a business’ computers go offline, they will experience an interruption in revenue. This issue is more than just a temporary pause in business and can lead to long-term loss. For example, if a service interruption occurs, and an existing customer turns to a competitor, there’s a significant chance that customer will not return to the original business when service resumes.

IT downtime also costs businesses money due to wasted end user manhours. The employees that are paid to use the IT resources are now idle. Time spent acquiring the resources needed to resolve the disruption equates to lost revenue and cost of the fix. If the businesses don’t have the resources in-house to correct the problem, resources have to be found outside of the business to alleviate the issue. The cost to resolve the disruption is increased by the amount of time needed to deliver

Cost breakdown can be observed in a variety of forms. The Ponemon Institute provides Cost Framework on how downtime affects business: Utilizing activity-based costing, this study addresses eight core process-related activities that drive a range of expenditures associated with a company’s response to a data center outage.  

Download our full Case Study on Minimizing Costs Through OneSupport Virtual IT Solutions.


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