If You Love Customization These Android Features Will Make You Happy

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Tech Tips

The scale and diversity of Android features can serve as a deciding factor for customers optimizing their smartphone experience. While Apple has undoubtedly drawn a considerable following with their product, smartphone users who want more personalization will choose Android products every time. Many users aren’t fully aware of the breadth of the Android features available, nor how much they can improve your experience.

Customizable Home Screens for Your Smartphone

android features smartphoneAndroid is the only smartphone operating system that allows device manufacturers and other third parties to generate unique, customizable device “launchers” or home screens, to best suit your preferences. These launchers enable you to organize your home screens however you like and create new ways of displaying information such as widgets, cards, and device drawers. Whether you’re someone who prefers to scroll down a list of apps in alphabetical order or prefers to optimize widgets to get information at a glance, there’s a launcher for you.

Changing Defaults Is Easy With Android 

Android smartphones let you customize several of the defaults of your phone, such as internet browsers and keyboard preferences. For certain users, this optionality can be critical to how they use their phone. For example, some users demand a higher level of privacy and security. They would want to set their default browser to an encrypted option. While Apple phones give you the ability to download iOS alternatives, you cannot change your default OS.

Hardware Variety Meets the Needs of Users

android features smartphoneOne of the android features that appeal to a wide range of customers is the sheer variety of devices available from different manufacturers. This variety allows users to optimize their phone purchase and use to their own needs. Want an even better camera? Some otherwise basic Android phones like the Moto G allow you to attach sophisticated accessories to improve the camera. Need to stick to a tight budget? Android smartphones come in at every price point, as cheap as $20 for the most basic. Want a longer battery life? There are Android options with removable battery packs so that you can swap out dead ones for spares. If you have specific needs for your smartphone, Android phones may be a better option.

Android Features Expandable Storage

Customers face a range of options for data and storage capacity when buying a new phone. These decisions are difficult for the customer to make on the spot because it can be hard to conceptualize how much storage you will need down the line. Furthermore, an increase in internal storage can come at a hefty price tag. Rather than making you choose on the spot, many Android phones have a slot for a microSD card that you can add to your device at any time. If you are someone who doesn’t like to rely solely on the cloud to back up photos and videos, you have the option to fill a memory card and replace it whenever necessary.

Servicing Options That Make Life Easier

Due to the integrated hardware, an Apple user has no choice but to go to an Apple Store for service. While there are a few unlicensed service providers, users forfeit their right to a warranty claim if they seek outside help. On the other hand, there are myriad services that offer Android smartphone help. These services are often much cheaper than those offered at the Apple store, and the user has the option of getting competitive quotes from a variety of service and hardware providers.

There is no doubt that both Android smartphones and iPhones each have a long list of pros and cons. However, if customization is something you require, then the variety of Android features will surely satisfy your smartphone needs.

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