Identifying Cell Phone Malware Before It Compromises You

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Tech Support, Tech Tips

As our smartphones become more advanced, they run more and more like computers. This means we need to be aware of potential security threats to our phones, such as malware. Cell phone malware can damage your phone in many different ways and potentially even compromise your personal information. Both Apple and Android devices are affected by malware, so no one is immune. 

Dubious Pop-Ups Appear out of Nowhere

cell phone malwareOne of the most common signs of cell phone malware is a sudden increase in pop-ups on your phone. In particular, pop-ups caused by malware usually look very strange or inauthentic. These pop-ups usually come from an app that has been installed on your phone recently. You should avoid clicking on these pop-ups at all cost because they could do serious damage to your phone. If you start noticing these pop-ups on your phone out of nowhere, go through the last few apps you downloaded and delete them. Chances are, it’s coming from one of them.

You Have Confusing Charges on Your Cell Phone Bill

Another frequent symptom of cell phone malware is unexplained charges on your phone bill. This happens because the malware takes control of your phone, sending texts to premium numbers or downloading apps that cost extra money. These additional charges are usually listed under the SMS section of your bill, but any charge that doesn’t make sense should be a cause for alarm.

Your Battery Suddenly Starts to Die Right Away

If your phone’s battery life suddenly decreases drastically, it may be a sign that you have cell phone malware. Malware programs often install extra apps and run lots of unwanted activity in the background, which can drain your battery very quickly. In particular, you will notice that the speed at which your battery dies doesn’t seem to correlate with your phone usage.

Your Data Usage Is Much Higher Than Normal

In addition to this extra battery usage, you will also notice that your data usage skyrockets when you have cell phone malware. Malware will run on apps in the background that constantly click on certain ads. This is how the criminals who design malware make a profit. Again, you will notice that your reported data usage doesn’t match up with the actual amount of data you are using.

There Are Apps on Your Phone That You Don’t Remember Downloading

cell phone malwareThe last and often most telling sign that you have cell phone malware is the presence of strange apps. When malware takes control of your device, it can download new items without your permission. These apps are used as vehicles for criminals to perform a range of unsolicited activity on your phone. If you notice these apps are present, you should delete them immediately.

If you notice any of these signs on your phone, you should be sure to address them right away. This can be done by removing questionable apps and getting a specialist who can remove the malware. If the malware isn’t removed in time, it will continue to drive up your data usage and could even result in a compromise of your personal information. Be mindful of the apps you install on your phone, if it’s not a trusted or verified app, don’t take the risk. 

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