Compare iPhone 11 Models: Which Version Is Right for You

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Tech News

Apple has released the newest iPhone, the iPhone 11. The 11, like many of its predecessors, comes different versions for you to choose between. Before you buy, you want to compare iPhone 11 models so you can pick the phone that suits your needs. The 11 and 11 pro max actually have a number of differentiating features. Apple, once again, corners the market on giving you options. The 11 starts at $700 while the Pro Max starts at $1100. But what are you getting for that extra $400? Let’s dive in.

For a comparison of all three models of the iPhone 11 check out our video on youtube!

Colors Offered

compare iPhone 11 modelsThe colors offered for both phones highlight just one of the differences when comparing iPhone 11 models. The interesting thing is that none of the colors cross over. While the 11 comes in red, black, green, purple, yellow and white, the 11 Pro Max gets “fancy” with Gold, Midnight Green, Silver, and Space Gray (think dark/slate gray).

For the base model 11, the black, yellow, and red are vibrant colors while the green and purple are both muted pastels. You have a choice of a bold statement or a soft hint of color. For the Pro Max, the colors have more of an industrial feel to them. But the color differences are just the beginning.

Cameras Front and Back

Smartphone cameras have become one of, if not the biggest selling point when getting consumers to upgrade. One of the biggest things to consider when you compare iPhone 11 models is the camera. The base model 11 comes with two rear-facing cameras plus the front-facing camera. The front-facing is the same across all three models. The front-facing camera is Apples TruDepth camera with 12MP and f/2.2. The new addition to the front camera is the “slofie” which allows you to record slow-motion selfie videos.

The rear-facing cameras differentiate the two devices. The base 11 comes with two cameras on the back while the pro max comes with 3. Both models have a 12MP wide, f/1.8 and a 12MP ultra-wide, f/2.4. The Pro Max adds in a telephoto lens with 12 MP, f/2.0, and 2x optical zoom. Both models also shoot video at 4k.

Displays for Days

compare iPhone 11 modelsAnother difference you’ll see when you compare iPhone 11 models is the display size. The 11 base has a 6.1-inch display, while the Pro Max has a 6.5-inch. Both offer Apple’s Retina display, if you’ve never seen one, they’re vibrant and offer beautiful images. The differences in display sizes along with the different cameras also affect the weight of the phones. The Pro Max weighs a little over an ounce more than the base.

Compare iPhone 11 Prices

So the base model 11 starts at $700 while the Pro Max starts at $1100. The starting prices of both are determined by the amount of storage. So when you compare iPhone 11 models, it’s important to remember that if you want more than 64 GB of space, you’re going to pay more than the starting price. The base comes in three stages, 64, 128, and 256 GB. The Pro Max comes in at 64, 256, and 512 GB. While the secondary and tertiary models offer far more space, you’ll pay for it. The 512 GB clocks in at $1,449. So for more than twice what the base 11 costs, you’ll get 8 times the storage, an extra camera, and a slightly bigger display.

Check out our video where we compare iPhone 11 models (all three of them) over on our youtube channel. 

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