Five Reasons Dell Computers Make Great Gifts

by | Dec 8, 2018 | Tech Tips

Electronics are usually a safe bet for the Holiday Season, but selecting the right laptop can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, covering just about every price point, making it difficult to know what the best choice is. Among the sea of options are Dell computers. Dell was one of the early birds of the personal computer era. The company was founded in 1984 in Austin, Texas. Since then, they have been providing quality-built, reliable computers with all the power of an expensive laptop at a much lower cost. Here are five reasons to buy a Dell.

Dell Computers For Every Budget

dell computersWith a Dell laptop, you get more bang for your buck. The company has a reputation for delivering computers with all the power and storage capabilities that you need without the high price tag that you would see on some competitors’ computers. Dell computers are solidly built and can stand up to the demands of your busy life. You can carry your Dell laptop to class, to the coffee shop, or while traveling without much worry. Well-built doesn’t mean that they are big and beefy, though. The engineers at Dell have designed the laptops to be sleek, thin, light, and sexy.

Dells Are Built for Everyday Use

Dell computers are meant to be used by the everyday consumer, every day. They are easy to use and logically designed. If you are a gamer or a super techy individual, there are Dell models with the power, speed, and graphics you deserve. For the average Joe with only minimal computer skills, you will still be able to do everything you need on a Dell.

There’s a Dell for Every Need

Dell offers a fleet of computers, from desktop models to laptops, notebooks, and tablets. With so many choices, Dell makes it easy to find the right model for the right person and their needs. The computers are available in various price points, too, so you can find a computer to fit your budget. And since they are all made to Dell’s high standards, you don’t have to sacrifice quality if you purchase a lower cost model. The only difference will be in operating speed and capacity.

Standout Care

dell computersYou can’t stay in business for more than thirty years like Dell has if you didn’t put your focus on your customers. Dell customer support is one of the brand’s biggest selling points. All Dell computers have a warranty, premium support services, and even accidental damage protection. If a problem does arise, you’ll be back up and running in no time. Dell is confident that you will be satisfied with their computers, but if you aren’t, you can return your Dell for a full refund, including shipping, within 30 days of purchase.

Customer Satisfaction is High

Because of Dell’s longevity in the market, the company has built a loyal band of followers. Dell computers consistently rank in the top three computer brands in different consumer ranking lists. The right blend of affordability, reliability, durability, and usability mean Dell customers continuously give the computers two thumbs up.

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