Office 365 Special Features You Might Not Know About

by | Jun 11, 2019 | OneSupport Business, Tech Tips

Microsoft boasts some of the most recognizable and widely used software in the world. In the 90s programs like Word and Excel helped the company become a business and educational staple. Today the company is still a major player for businesses and consumers alike but with a twist. Cloud-based OneDrive and subscription-based Office 365 are helping Microsoft retain their customer base. As widely known as the program is, there are plenty of Office 365 special features that contribute to the enduring popularity of the suite.

OneDrive Is the Hardest-Working Office 365 Special Feature

office 365 special featuresOne of the best special features of Office 365 is 50GB of OneDrive space that comes with your subscription. OneDrive makes it quick and easy to access all of your documents and files from anywhere with an internet connection. With 50GB of space included and upgrades available should you choose to buy more space, it’s unlikely that you’ll run out of room any time soon.

Remember the days when you’d sit down at your computer and hammer out your report or maybe a paper for school. If you were mindful, you’d save periodically in an effort not to lose hours of work. Sometimes, however, when you find yourself “in the zone” as it were, you spend hours typing away or putting equations into Excel then the unthinkable would happen, the power would go out, or maybe your computer would give you the dreaded blue screen of death. Just like that, hours of your life gone with nothing to show.

With Office 365 that worry is mostly gone (look, nothing is ever 100% certain). The Office 365 suite and OneDrive sync seamlessly with one another to save (directly to the cloud) as you go. Next time the power goes out or your computer decides to take an unauthorized nap, your moment of panic can be just that, a moment, rather than an agonizing 5 minutes waiting for your family’s old desktop to boot back up.

Sync to the Cloud, Sync With Your Team

A lot of the special features in Office 365 aren’t always noticeable, but once you learn them, you won’t go back. With offline compatibility, you can work on any project offline. The changes are updated once reconnect. You save the document to your computer, and as soon as you’re back online, the changes are saved to the cloud as well.

When it comes to doing actual work, one of the most useful features is the editing abilities. When synced up to a network or the internet, you can edit files in real time and collaborate in real time on Word, Excel, and nearly all the other file formats in the Office 365 suite. You can even see the edits being made by other people as they’re typing them. If you’re scared of losing your original notes, version control makes sure that the original file never disappears.

Collaborate, Create, Integrate

office 365 special featuresIf you have your suite updated, you can chat with others on projects using Skype without having to leave the application you’re using. Share screens, chat, and talk to whoever you are working with. Need to leave your computer? No problem! You can continue talking over Skype after you leave your desk.

The Office 365 email will probably be the lock and key to your work life. With 50GB email storage and crossover features with other programs productivity is at your fingertips. One of the coolest features the email system is the de-clutter button. This feature goes through your inbox and helps you get to the elusive inbox “zero.” Don’t worry, this feature also helps ensure you don’t miss important messages.

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