The OneConnect Platform

OneConnect is built on best-in-class PaaS, IaaS, and Cloud infrastructure. OneConnect can be deployed natively in most major public, private, and government cloud implementations.

How our infrastructure works for your business

The communications platform experience that integrates the tools you need, for the results you want, quicker.

OneConnect occupies a unique role in an organization’s customer experience ecosystem – this platform is able to tackle the difficult challenges and precise tasks that can achieve transformative outcomes for customers with the ability to scale and support one-touch solutions with the seamless integration of the OneConnect platform.

OneConnect’s engine powers a wide array of customer experience implementations that utilize Voice, Chat, Email, AI, Chatbot, SMS, and Smart IVR technologies, which are configured, designed, and customized on a per-engagement basis, and managed by OneSupport’s IT team.

Highly Intelligent

OneConnect is a fully customizable platform that is able to take advantage of the latest cloud infrastructure and technologies available to deliver the most effective and ideal customer experience.

Highly Scalable

The OneConnect platform is specifically designed for rapid deployment, and can adapt to our clients  changing contact volume demands as needed, on the fly.

Highly Flexible

OneConnect is designed to be integrated with a wide array of systems and infrastructure and can work within both modern and  legacy systems while minimizing operational disruptions.

Highly Secure

The OneSupport team will work with your business to develop a secure and efficient data migration strategy to convert client systems to the OneConnect platform that will meet the needs of your security requirements.

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