Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

OneSupport’s national footprint ensures the ability to provide continuous support for clients in the event of disaster. 

Does your business have an endpoint redundancy strategy?

OneSupport specializes in building business continuity models that allow our clients to shift resources continuously and transparently, regardless of the circumstances. OneSupport’s robust infrastructure design and national human resources footprint is essential to maintaining this ability. OneSupport clients have leveraged a multitude of methods to ensure business continuity and supplement their disaster recovery planning. Successful prior planning and best practices have helped OneSupport’s clients weather storms in both the digital and physical world.

National Footprint

The resourcefulness of a national footprint allows OneSupport the ability to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. If one region is shut down, operations are able to continue while resources are quickly shifted to supplement coverage in other areas.

Robust Architecture

The OneConnect phone system architecture allows for the creation of a backup phone system solution for clients in the event of a disaster. Many clients choose to allow OneSupport to manage their phone system needs directly, which leverages the OneConnect redundant multi-node, security-monitored, cloud-based phone system.

Highly Effective

OneSupport’s low annual administrative cost for infrastructure, documentation, and materials maintenance provides clients with a low-cost, highly-effective against future disasters, and an existing contract vehicle to supplement internal teams in the event of disaster.

Rapid Scalability

OneConnect allows rapid scalability and a high level of redundancy, providing supplemental OneSupport resources in the event of an emergency. Additionally, on-demand engagement models allow for a rapid ramp-up, and ramp-down, of supplemental resources post-disaster.

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