George Yang, CTO

George Yang serves as the Chief Technical Officer for OneSupport. George has been with the company since 1993 when the company was founded. He has proven to be a vital part of OneSupport’s growth, leveraging his expertise in tactical and strategic decision making for the company’s technology direction. His responsibilities include overseeing applications, systems, and telecommunications infrastructure.

George has had great success in the development, maintenance, and enhancement of the company’s internal systems, including the CRM toolset, the company’s ACD front end, and a fully-scalable and customizable web-based reporting engine utilized for monitoring the performance of the company’s call center facilities. This is done in conjunction with OneSupport’s service level performance requirements for each client.

Under George’s leadership, OneSupport’s information technology and development teams have grown at an exponential rate. As Chief Technical Officer, George has overseen teleNetwork’s transformation from a small regional company into a global leader in the outsourcing business. His dedication to the development and enhancement of the company’s IT, security, and applications infrastructure is a reflection of mandatory standards and best practices used to support OneSupport’s clients.

George Yang attended the University of Texas at Austin where he pursued a degree in computer science. When he became bored with that, he became OneSupport’s CTO.


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