Jill Herrera, CFO

Jill Herrera serves as Chief Financial Officer for OneSupport. Jill has held this position since 1994. Through Jill’s guidance, OneSupport has achieved significant profitability by making critical financial decisions that are vital to the financial success of OneSupport.

Prior to joining OneSupport, Jill held various management positions in the Small Business and Enterprise divisions for Southwestern Bell. Jill served Southwestern Bell as Service Order Supervisor, Training Supervisor, Business Office Supervisor, and Manager for Unit and Teller divisions.

Jill’s determination and ambition led to her success at Southwestern Bell. After her time there, Jill held positions with CompData, San Marcos Telephone Company, and CenturyTel Telephone Company.

Jill earned her bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University in history. She has been recognized for her exceptional leadership and management capabilities throughout her career, which makes her a perfect fit for teleNetwork.


Jill Herrera on LinkedIn

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